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February 13, 2013

Have you ever tried the convenience of home shopping? In my birth country, this is very common. There are companies that offer their merchandise through a house-to-house selling. We usually called their employees as Promo Girls because they are usually young ladies. Here in the USA, home shopping is when you watch TV station offering merchandise such as clothing, home appliance, jewelry and more.

Usually, home shopping can be cheaper because it cuts out the middleman who tends to increase cost. If you want to shop at home, but you are not sure of what’s offered, ask the shopping station to send you a schedule of items when particular items are sold. When you shop from home, it is best to use your credit card, because you are then guarded by a consumer protection policy. In the Philippines, you will pay it in cash, so if there is a problem on the merchandise you bought, you can no longer get back your money.

August 28, 2012

“Save up for the rainy days.”

That is something my mom would always tell me even I was still a kid. So, I have learned to keep a piggy bank where I can save at least a coin or two a day when I was still a kid. From my savings before I was able to buy for me a dress for our Christmas party and as a reward my parents got me another piggy bank so I can save up for the next Christmas. Indeed, it was very fulfilling when I felt my bank weighed heavy. It also made my mom and dad proud.

However, things are different these days. When one has a family to raise, budgeting is one of the most difficult tasks. It could happen that there are emergency allocations rather than the usual budget for food, clothing, house maintenance, school fees and others that it is just inevitable that we run out of cash at hand. Without savings to tap, it is good to know that personal loans with no credit checks are already possible. At eLoan Personal, the worries of having no cash to use during emergency cases are lessened because they guarantee a quick and easy processing loan grants.

So even if we have not saved enough for the rainy days, we can always knock at some doors which are willing to let us in.

August 14, 2012

When I started blogging I never thought that I will be earning something from it but when the cash is flowing, it keeps rolling and I am hoping that it won’t end. It's a sweet journey, but mind you, it never came that easy and I almost wanted to hire some seo consulting services just to jump start it. The only thing that keeps me from holding on is because I cannot afford it and besides I don’t know either if it works. Although many of my friends are telling me that it’s going to help my blog easily be seen here in the Internet.

But before I go on using it in my blog I tried my own research of how helpful seo consulting services really are. And I would say that the Internet has vast information that everyone can take advantage of and all you have to do is find the right resources. While in my quest to boost the visibility of my blog, I do learn a few tidbits though on how to optimize and increase the reputation of my blog in the World Wide Web. And I would say using seo consulting services would help companies who are serious in this kind of business. It surely will push your website up in the ladder.

June 11, 2012

To save money from your salary, you must be frugal and spend money wisely. Another way of making it happen is to make a budget list to all your needs. Put the change into a box or a piggy bank on your desk. It may seem insignificant, but put there all the currencies and the change. Don't break the piggy-bank until you really need it. And if you buy something don’t use credit card better used cash because you’ll be more realistic when it comes about spending when money is in your hand.

If weekend, make your day busy with some funny things in home rather than spend your money in the cinema, shopping to the malls or going out for weekly activities. Saving money can be a challenge. But don’t worry, learn to enjoy it at the end. Organize yourself and try to invest in truly valuable things. Those are some ways to save money from your salary. Oops, you have also put in mind and differentiate what are things to buy which are essential or just wants.

Well, it is your life. It is your style. It is your journey and steps on being stress-free, financial debt-free. But, saving money is a general way. So think before you spend!

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