May 25, 2012

Oops! You might wonder what I  meant My City Friends. It is meant as my friends here in the city where I live. I have three friends here, namely: friend C, friend A and friend P {friends CAP for short. :-)}. It is reunited since we have not been able to be around with each other with our kids completely for how many months already. First time then we were complete. Yesterday was a joy in our hearts and the hearts of our kids. It was at my home. Good thing they suggest it here since no need for me to go there and everywhere. Heh! :-) You know, tomorrow is a pre-op of my baby love. :-)

Okay, friend D and her kids was able to attend. She did not picked-up her mobile as friend C and P called her. Whilst friend C was with her kids bought something and headed towards my home, she saw them. Great that she went. We had. Kids had fun. At first, my daughter Sam got wary but later on she got used with her friends and mine. She had fun among us. :-)

Foods and pizza its bread sticks were served along with misty drink. We had a lot of foods, in fact, there are many leftovers. The foods were not planned so well but see, we had a lot and again we had many leftovers. I think God blessed us. :-)

By the way, we gathered together for the condolence of our friend C, her mother died. Sad. :(

Alright, let's not spoil the time-being for friends reunited. All in all, the friends journey met-up was great though.


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