February 24, 2012

In almost every log cabin you will find a nice set of wood stairs. It is easy to do being that you are in a log cabin. It is also a lot of fun to build stairs. Stairs are more than just one way of getting from one level to the next in a building. Stairs are what people will see when they come into your house. So if you have a quality set of stairs people will have a good impression of you. So it can be very critical to make sure you build your stairs right. One of the most over looked portion of your stairs is the stair treads. Stair treads are the planks that you walk up and down. There are many different materials used for your stair treads. If your stairs are going to be covered with carpet it doesn’t matter what you use for the treads. Well, as long as you get some good solid materials that will hold up for a long time. If you stairs aren’t going to be covered you need to carefully pick out the best material that will match the rest of your house or building. Nothing to flashy but high quality is a good way to go.


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