August 23, 2011

"Nothing is free" as most folks said. Free is something. And we gratefully said if we can have it. Imagine having such without paying any cent. It is just like in foreclosure search, house and home foreclosure listings. Many does not offer it for free but thanks goodness there are still Free Foreclosures nowadays or else that being said "nothing is free" is applicable to all. 

Since economy is not yet on its high position, there are then many affordable Real Estate Owned Foreclosures available in the market in different states and cities. This is a good deal to those who are searching for their own abode. Some need some repairs but the thing is, it is still good for it as being a home. And yes, the affordability is an important key. I can just imagine how I like to check out foreclosure listings and see what DH can afford to have our own place one day soon. But we are not lucky enough for a good deal. Maybe next time. DH might consider to check this Free REO foreclosures available here in USA. It is fine with me to live here or there as long as everybody in the family is happy and comfortable then we have what we need. That what matters most.


  1. bbtoo said...
    Cai musta man ang mommy-to-be? visit ko dri. You got that right Cai nothing is free in the US. maayo pa sa pinas kay naa pay free kardaba pa na saging hahhahaha
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello Anne, okay ra pod ko, thanks God. :-) Yeah Ann, indeed about that "nothing is free". hehehe, mao jud..

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