August 22, 2011

Have you already seen a house color blue? As in if it's a wedding, blue in motif? Well, not only the decorations and accessories  or painting inside the house but also outside. Yes, a blue house! Blue is the dominating color of it. What do you think about such? You may think weird but it is pretty when it is designed and a cool color but I don't think what I saw is cool unto my eyes. Not that so. Maybe it still need renovation or unfinished. Our car was moving fast as I captured the photo below. I can see it is color blue and fortunately I got a picture of it even if the car was running fast. Nad and I were from school that time and hurried going to get the food for lunch (at 1pm) because we're already hungry. Yeah, you're right I spotted the house on our way. And not so sure of its style. And so this is it below. Maybe it looks like a haunted house. Oops! How do you like to have a blue house like this?

Anyway, happy Blue Monday everyone! Enjoy the blue scenes! ;-)

Smiling Sally


  1. SmilingSally said...
    In Florida, we have quite a few blue houses.

    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday.
    Mrs. M said...
    I've seen a purple house that almost everything inside and outside is color purple, even the car! My friend owns it and she has a good taste. Everything is in different shades of purple including her fridge and laundry machine. She also collects different purple flowers for her garden. :-)
    I wouldn't be surprised if someone has the same plan for blue.

    Blessings! hope you have a wonderful week!
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks too guys! Thanks for your inputs!
    Unknown said...
    We have a neighbor across the street and their two-story house is blue too except their garage door and the trim of their windows and door. It looks nice though. I think it depends upon the kind of blue you chose for the paint.

    Akong bana kay grabe ka subo dadtong nahuman nagpintal ang gawas sa among house baje kay mora dawg tae ang color. Right now nag fade naman hinoon ang yellow and he is happy about it na.

    Kumusta na diay ka Baje?
    jeanne said...
    Good capture with the blue house. It is too much blue for my taste. You made me smile with this photo. I hope you ate something good. HA!
    Hugs, Jeanne
    Pie said...
    Nice blue house.

    My Blue Monday is here.
    Mom's Place said...
    Nyahahaaha... naay blue diri sa atoa Cai pero atop lang or kanang pang design lang bitaw sa kilid, unsay tawag ana. ahaha. ka unique pod ug color oi..di nako type nga more on blue ang house.... kaabtik sad nimo Cai nga naka picture anang balay haha.

    hapit naka manganak Cai? Thanks sa visit ha?
    Chubskulit Rose said...
    I like that color actually hehehe.

    Late visiting for BM, here's my Blue post. Have a great day!

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