April 10, 2011

I don't have any but it's good to dream of having one, you know. *wink* At least in my dreams, I own one. Hee hee! Do you have an RV? Or any five-wheels vehicle? Many folks make it as their home and it's not bad. It is great to have it at the same time we have a house. Ooh well, it is a luxury vehicle for me. But if ever I have one, I would like to have a 5th wheel insurance for it. At least then, I can travel with peace of mind knowing if something's happen (like accidents or alike), me and my family is protected unless having nothing. Since one of  USA's law of driving is insurance, for sure one should have get it on or before having one. What about you, do you have an RV? Or have you ride on a RV? How do you like to have one?

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  1. Betchay said...
    Oh wow,
    Its almost 3:00 in the morning sis but you are making me hungry by reading this food of yours,oh my it look so delicious....yum.yum.

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