October 23, 2010

If you followed me here, you know how I love to cook chicken for my beloved DH. He likes chicken so much and so I love to cook it for him. As a stay-at-home-wife, I could never be happier seeing my dear husband likes how I cook, though there are also few times he does not like it. What I do for that is I have to learn how to do it more. Sometimes also it is not just his taste. Or he prefers to say he likes so I won't be disappointed but then I know it. And I love him more because of that. It inspires me to make it better. So it is just a matter of understanding and loving. :-) And be there with each other. :-)

The last time I was pretty love the party chicken style which is smaller than usual chicken in the market though it is just of the same cut. I guess it is also for a change. Now goes to cooking, I saw Kuya Mel's comment in one post (not on this blog though) that to have a crispy, one must have to put the chicken meat once cooking oil already hot (which is I always do) and it should have to under such cooking oil (which I do not usually do to save cooking oil, Ha ha ha!). Because of the big chicken sizes, I need to have a lot of cooking oil which is I do not like. Ooh well, thanks to the party chicken to which I can minimize such now because small cuts would minimize space in the skillet. But then when I cook fried chicken again, even with big ones, I have to let it be under the oil (I use olive oil for DH health) to make it crispy. Credit to Kuya Mel too. Anyway, below was my finish cooking. I love to hear how he said it is crispier. ;-) I would not sacrifice being thrifty of cooking oil (I usually had it like "on the neck side" of oil part of the chicken) than having a crispy one.

Happy eating! :-D


  1. ☆Mama Ko☆ said...
    Kalami sa imung fried chicken karya, sus mao sd ni akong amo mu sugot ug manok sigi
    Nina C. said...
    That chicken looks so good! good job :)
    Dhemz said...
    agoy naa pay sobra diha kay mag da ko ug bahaw...ehhehee!

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