October 29, 2010

 Unusual potato was what. Usually, I do mashed potato but such that time (while doing such image below) DH requested by cutting the raw russet potatoes (I still have a bag of ten pounds) and made it into soup. It just only took some minutes, if not only two to three minutes after boiled. Then, while having it boiled, I also put the beef into the reheated broiling pan. By the way, I put meat tenderizer and bell pepper unto the beef just the time a broiling pan reheated so it the meat won't overly tenderized. And so while waiting for the meat to turn, I checked the potato and after it was cooked, I drained the water then sit aside. Here comes the peas and carrots in a can, I warmed it up in a microwave high for about one to two minutes. Just in time, it was heated up, I have to turn the beef then waited again for ten to 15 minutes or until cooked.

I served the broiled beef with an A1 sauce. Can't you see, DH and I both love A1 sauce. ;-) What about you, what sauce you're in when it comes to broiled beef? Whatever it is, for sure you enjoyed eating it, I think so?!

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  1. Dhemz said...
    ayay! kalami...naa pa diha madam sis? gutom nuon ko ug tan-aw da....:)

    pagka busy ba lamang dire...ga parade man ang opps...ehehehe!

    tuod madam sis...when man ka molupad sa atong yutang natawhan?

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