February 25, 2017

Yes, as I checked my email it said I can still renew my MJBM (My Journey Being a Mommy) blog even if it was already days that had been expired. As I can remember, it had been already three (3) years that I kept renewing such domain as I still had the urge that one day I'll be back actively in the blogland. I actually tried to log-in to renew it but forgot my username of my MJBM blog to which in the back of my mind, it says why can't it be renewed or one for all accounts so it's  not that hard to log-in if in case you forgot the username or password. Ha! And that I have to check why it was not automatic renewed again. Ah! Alright, I already went up and beyond as usual but decided to just let it go. So there you are, my blog's domain of myjourney-being-mommy(.)com with its name: My Journey Being a Mommy is not alive in the Internet anymore. I could have put it on blogspot but I do not have thinking on my mind right now. I just hide in my dashboard. It is some kind of hassle of my mind right now, somehow. Ha!

I also gave-up a year ago my other blog "TIR" (or its blog name:Thoughts, Ideas and Resources) with its domain name: www.thoughts-ideas-resources(.com). I cannot keep up anymore so, I just let it go too.

So just to let you know that those two (2) domains are not associated with my name anymore.

~ Cacai M.~


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