September 29, 2015

This was taken about two weeks after my birthday this year. This was at Los Angeles County Arboretum. I love how serene the place is, with birds, peacock and maybe insects (although I haven't seen one) thinking about hectares of flowers/gardens. This place also has small fountain, big swimming pool and other one in its other side. Although, I doubt the the two swimming pools are good for swimming but just for decoration, geese also are there, but the good thing is it is not that dirty as you think, thinking about lots of geese swimming and such. It has a lot of areas and a lot to do for trekking at the same looking at the wonderful plants and some gentle animals, those creations! Two hours wasn't enough. One advise I can give is to go there first thing in the morning so you can enjoy your fee, ha! Okay, so you can enjoy as much as you like or better yet, go there one area at a time. It's great for picture-taking! :-) There's an area (where a big decoration pool is located), is usually being used when having a concert and such. It is large enough to accommodate lots of folks! There's an area where the white house is located which is being used when there are events as well, actually there are many big areas one can use if thinking of hosting an event. Great, isn't it? Ah, serenity, nature, those flowers, cacti and alike!


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