May 13, 2014

In case you are wondering that you may see me in your FEDJIT. In case you think why I did not leave a message, comment or such. Just in case. I just want to let you know that I am updating my BFF Links in here.

Now you know, or so. :-) Just sad to say that some are already too busy to let me know that they did not renew their domains anymore or just to let me know that they can't have it anymore for whatever reason. Or maybe that's just the way they are. Okay, just kidding. Enough of the drama. :-)

Have a great day/night everyone! I hope life is treating everyone fairly well. Smile. :-)

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  1. Nonoy said...
    Im a bit sad nah nawala na yung mga dating blogmates natin. Young ibang domains nag expire nah. Good thing Caca's Steps and Journey still exists.

    I'm also still here. I willl continue to blog for the rest of my life. hehe :)

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