March 30, 2012

(Guest post written by Cindy Perry)

I think that the best kind of storage or decor is the kind that makes everything look really nice. There's no use in storing things in ways that don't look really nice. That's just no fun! So when I started thinking about a way to organize my closet and all of my accessories. What needs it the most though are my purses. I have so many of them and forget some of the cute ones that I have so I'd like to be able to look through them easily.
But I have no clue as to how to organize them in that way so I looked online to see what I could find. While I was browsing storage solutions I found this debt counseling site that I thought would be a really great resource. So I'm going to consult that about my personal debt and see if it can be of any help.
I did find a couple of cute storage solutions, although I think that I also just need to clean out my closet so that I'll be able to see more of my stuff period.


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