February 01, 2012

I wish to have a lot of time. Too many things to do, too many thoughts to blog but too little time! I wish I can buy time. Ooh well, but not this time.

Does, it rhyme? Or too many "time" ? Ha!

Alright, just wishing everybody a happy and sweet dreams. Time check: 2:06 a.m. and here I am just going to start my bedtime. Not all the time but most of it. Ooh well. Am not complaining much though, haha! Just kidding. Though I wish to complain but it's not reasonable. Just so you know it's not easy but again, it's not worth to complain. It just not make sense. :-)

And so the journey of being off to "la la land" just begin. Have a great one in yours there! --- Seems like some of you are in the middle of being in a sweet dreams. Others, may have bad dreams. All in all, it's just a part of sleeping journey. :-) It's just great having the first one, a sweet dream, that is. Smile.


  1. Mel Cole said...
    hahha, same mommy cai. i wish i have lots of hands :)
    Cacai M. said...
    mao jud Mel. Saonz nlng. :-)

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