February 26, 2012

... from my husband point of view. It is an "in-demand" at the  moment. It has been how many days successive which my DH bought chicken in the market and let me do the frying. He said he likes the taste of my cooking than in the famous food chain like KFC, Mc Donald's, pollo loco and such. Forgive me big food chains but this is just a home-made ones. Yours are great too but DH likes to have home-made ones especially from his wife's cooking. Smile. But yes, he likes my deep-fried chicken. And I have no problem of cooking it for him. In fact, I am very much happy serving his one of his favorite home-made ones cooked by yours truly. Now if you excuse what my DH brag, I am going to unlock my secret of how I cook it. Aside from a hot oil (yes, put and take-out only chickens from stove pan in a hot oil), my secret ingredients of frying a chicken ala Cacai M. is: cooking oil (I use olive oil), meat tenderizer, seasoned salt, ground pepper and flour. One thing too is: I made cuts in the pieces of chicken since it is urgent (can't marinade anymore). It is a choice if you like to take the skin or leave it on. I like to leave it on, the crispy skin makes it more yummy. And that's it! The procedure? After gathering the ingredients, you have to: (1) Wash pieces of chicken, (2) Put oil in a pan and let it boil, (3) make "cuts" of the pieces of chicken using knife, (4) put the meat tenderizer, seasoned salt and bell pepper just enough to taste, (5) coat it of a flour, (6) then fry in a hot oil and again, only take-out the last batch in a hot oil (not that you will take it out only after it is a little bit cold. That's it! Enjoy the "ala Cacai M. fried chicken" ! Whew! ;-)


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