August 01, 2011

I have a lot of pictures here around in Los Angeles County taken way back years ago, well, not beyond four years. I was just reminiscing about it. The journey with my friend Au and sometimes with her husband and just anything around here in the city where I live. I wonder where I put it, alright, I remember it was gone. I accidentally deleted, not a good step but then accident happens for no particular time and reason. Next time, I have to be extra careful especially memories that cannot be easily back, or cannot be back at all. Also I can blame it friendster social networking site a bit because of the virus I got in there. It just that it slows down my PC and then I clicked on something without my knowing. I was running out of time and I had to checked something but then, bang! That's it! Some folks also are annoying. Then I just deleted my friendster thing just to clear-up my troubled mind. Haler! Now, my pictures saved from such were tiny. And the pictures saved on my memory card were already deleted. I am still hoping I can recover most of it. My friend has such most but she's so very busy as of now. I'll just wait for the right time.


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