November 20, 2009

The "Best Blog" and a "Lovely Blog" Award! I have this award before in here but it wasn't merge and once again it's nice and a great feeling when you receive an award from one of your co-blogger which you never thought will please in time of a wordless day. It's nice to see my blog in one of the great blogs in his list! I would like to thank the giver Chuck (an ex-pastor) of Secondary Roads for the awards he bestowed upon this blog of mine. It was nice to meet you in this blog land and been great to everyone.Thank you for being your awardee Chuck! God bless as always! May you continue to share great thoughts and wisdom. Thanks!


  1. Secondary Roads said...
    Given to you because it is the truth. I look forward to visiting your blog each day my friend.
    David Funk said...
    Ditto what Secondary Roads said. More than one person giving you an award(s) is a testament to the good person you are.

    Congrats again my very dear friend!

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