July 23, 2009

As far as myself is concern about this bloggers networking site
Entrecard that was recently bought by ZipRunner, Inc. Los Angeles last July 16, I am thankful to them and will continue being a member. Most entrecarders knew that lots of members who went out because of the paid ads implemented few months ago (which I haven't did and haven't been into cashing out my credits but am not complaining). The good news for the members who are not happy about it? -- no paid ads no more! Just yesterday the new Director of Business Development(Cindy Ung), announced that effective immediately EC will no longer accept applications for “paid ads” on entrecarders widget space. And the cons? -- the management also eliminate the “credit cashout program.” The good news for those who wants to cashout their credits? --for two days onward beginning today they will distribute the remaining funds from the “paid ads” to users on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once these funds run out, they will reissue credits back to those users who applied for the cashout program but did not receive money. An email notification will be sent out to the users.

And also she pointed out that the company understands that eliminating the “credit cashout program” may upset some users. However, Entrecard is actively developing ways for Entrecard users to use, sell and trade their credits. And this is on the top of their priority list. And that's from the word of the new management which was forwarded on my email. Once again, goodbye ec paid ads for now! Let's stay tuned for the updates entrecarders!

For more info, visit EC blog site. Happy entrecarding!

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  1. Unknown said...
    Well thats a good news, wala pa lge ko ka redawat new email from entrecards. Its a good news though that they will eliminate the paid ads, but i wish the cash out will remain even if i still hasn't cash out mine, other entrcarders like the cash out. Thaks sa bisita inday cacai, da atak ni imung uncle oi maayo pungkolan gibawian ko kaligayahan, maaayo naman unta to pang shopping ug kaon ug lami. Butang nalang ko ig lain aron tuloy ligaya.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Te Shy, lagi oi maayo nlng unta to.. sayang gyud kaau oi.. dako na raba to imo ky abot na isa ka gatos! btaw ay, saonz nlng.. ako, hulat-hulatan sa^ nko ni kung unsay drama pod aning akoa b4 ko ad2 sa lain.. og o sge MomiShy, ato ning pongkolan! sayang gud to oi.. og ang ec mao jud I wish luck lang jud sa ec new management team.
    analou said...
    Atod nane Beck oi. Dili nako ka casho out dani kay nawala ng cash out button. Hapit na raba nag 2000 akong credits oi. Mayna lang unta tong 1 dollar pampalit sa candy ba. I haven't received any letter also from ec. I think I am one of those unlucky members nga dili makacash out. Anyway, ganoon talaga ang buhay. INgat dyan my luvs and god bless you.
    Cacai M. said...
    Hello An, ako pod diay waz pa mn ko sukad nka-cash out.. dako2x rba ning akoa but okey lang gyapon ky magamit mn nato ni sa pag-advertise sa atong blog which is mao jud ni saona ang purpose.. kibali ni-umento lang ang patakaran nila but it's okey if not, right? pareha tah appear! heheh..

    anyway, mag-wait lang ta og 2 days pah ky on-going pa man ang adjustment.. daghn bya pod members so wait lang tah.. check the dashboard and email always too!
    Dhemz said...
    agoy wala na ta panginabuhi ani....hehhehehe...joke! I know that this will happen...I can sense it from the start....well, tuloy parin ang blogging....:)

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